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Attorney Blake N. Dahl Finishes Expungement of 33 Convictions for one Man

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Recently Attorney Blake N. Dahl successfully finished the expungement process for a client in central Indiana with approximately thirty-three (33) convictions across four Indiana Counties for mostly alcohol related offenses.  The convictions ranged from driving while suspended and OWI misdemeanors to driving after lifetime forfeiture of a drivers license and drivers license counterfeiting as felonies.  This client spent an enormousRead the rest of this page »

Criminal Conviction & Arrest Record Expungement

Erase Criminal History

Indiana Criminal Record Sealing, Felony Reduction & Expungement For information on the Indiana Second Chance Act for the Expungement of Criminal Records, Sealing of Arrest Records, Reduction of Felony to Misdemeanor, and Expungement of Juvenile Adjudication Records; Fred W. Grady & Associates has provided the basic requirements to help the public in determining whether or not they might qualify toRead the rest of this page »