Attorney Blake N. Dahl Finishes Expungement of 33 Convictions for one Man

Erase Criminal History

Recently Attorney Blake N. Dahl successfully finished the expungement process for a client in central Indiana with approximately thirty-three (33) convictions across four Indiana Counties for mostly alcohol related offenses.  The convictions ranged from driving while suspended and OWI misdemeanors to driving after lifetime forfeiture of a drivers license and drivers license counterfeiting as felonies.  This client spent an enormous amount of time in jail, treatment facilities,and three short visits to the Indiana Dept. of Corrections.

Attorney Dahl’s client was a Vietnam Veteran who came home after the war with an extreme case of PTSD at a time before Doctors recognized such a condition and found himself self-medicating with alcohol which lead to the numerous convictions.  The client has been completely sober and without a drivers license since the 90’s as a result of his situation.

After spending several months looking up old police reports and traveling to small rural Courthouses to climb through dusty attics in order to sift through old Court files, Attorney Dahl was eventually able to collect the information needed to effectively expunge all 33 convictions.

As a result, the Client (who has not been able to drive since the 80’s) was able to get his drivers license and finally purchase a shotgun so he could go hunting with his grandchildren.  The client is quoted as saying “This was the best financial investment I’ve ever made, I can’t believe Attorney Dahl got my rights back“.

January is actually the best time to consider making the investment of a criminal record expungement because its a new year and the right time to start fresh and clean.  As well, many employers start posting jobs at the beginning of the year and having a clean record usually helps when applying for jobs.  As tax season is now here, investing your tax check in an expungement of your criminal record is the best investment possible.

If you or a loved one  needs to expunge their criminal and/or driving record, please contact Blake N. Dahl – Attorney at Law for a free consultation.  (219) 246-2510